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Animal Keeper - Arkansas Heritage Farm

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock, United States Posted: May 02, 2024

The Little Rock Zoo and the City of Little Rock is seeking a qualified Animal Keeper for the Arkansas Heritage Farm.  This position is under the direction of the Ambassador Animal Curator.  As a Farm and Education Keeper, this position is responsible for the daily husbandry and exhibit maintenance in the Farm, as well as daily guest encounters.  Positive and outgoing personalities are required.  Depending on your experience, the hiring position would be a Keeper I or Keeper II.  The Zoo has many exciting changes that will be occurring over the coming years and it’s a great time to join the Team.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Working alone or with other animal keepers, complete the day-to-day duties following the area’s standard operating procedures
  • Observe all animals for changes in behavior, injuries or other changes and report to supervisor
  • Recommends changes to assist animal’s well-being through exhibit changes, training, enrichment.  Implement approved changes
  • Administers prescribed medications to animals; assists veterinarian in administration of medication or treatment of animals
  • Maintains detailed narratives and charts of animal observations, care, and handling.
  • Unloads and stores shipments of food
  • Provides daily care for other ambassador animal collection as needed
  • Participates in the Bird and Mammal Show, Guest Interactions as well as on-site and off-site programs.
  • Provides training to zoo staff and docents.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of domestic farm animals and/or exotic or domestic Ambassador Animals
  • Knowledge of enclosure/exhibit construction and repair
  • Skilled and confident in public speaking.
  • Knowledge of training (operant conditioning, positive reinforcement) and enrichment for animals.
  • Knowledge of ZIMS record keeping, and other computer programs such as Word and Excel
  • Ability to be forklift certified
Experience Required
  • Minimum qualifications are two (2) years of experience in the care of domestic livestock or exotic species, and public speaking.

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