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Assistant Animal Care Curator- Rhino Savanna

The Living Desert Zoo And Gardens
Palm Desert, United States Posted: April 04, 2024

We are on a mission to redefine the future of zoos, push boundaries, and give a powerful voice to desert wildlife conservation. If you are passionate about animal well-being, visionary leadership, and driving positive change in the world, then keep reading!

About Us:
  • We are not your ordinary zoo; we are the Zoo of the Future! Our groundbreaking vision reimagines the role of zoos in desert wildlife conservation.
  • The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation and education for over half a century.
  • The climate of the Southern Californian desert naturally makes us leaders in animal well-being as our animals enjoy an optimal climate in immersive habitats year-round.
  • Our commitment to preserving the earth's most precious treasures has led us to envision a place where wildlife thrives, and people connect with nature in ways they never imagined.
The Role:
  • Leader of the Future.
  • As an Assistant Animal Care Curator, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of zoos.
  • This is an opportunity to be part of a bold and innovative team that is redefining the way we care for, interact with, and protect wildlife.
  • You will cultivate, nurture, and lead a passionate and dedicated team of animal care professionals and educators in creating a future where every visit is a journey of discovery and conservation action.
  • Here, you have a voice and the ability to make changes fast.
  • You’ll be involved in high level conversations and action, and groundbreaking well-being advancements.
Assistant Animal Care Curator – Rhino Savanna:
  • What You’ll Do
  • As our program expands, so must our team! Be a part of North America’s only multispecies black rhinoceros habitat housing various African species of bird and antelope, in addition to our rhinos.
  • The area also includes brand new warthog, cape porcupine, mongoose, and naked mole-rat habitats.
  • As an innovative institution and a leader in wildlife husbandry and conservation education, we are excited about the future of our black rhino breeding and care program.
  • This position reports to the Animal Care curator of African Safari and is one of two assistant curators managing the large dynamic area.
  • This position specifically manages the Rhino Savanna portion of African Safari but will work throughout African Safari area. We are looking for a candidate who will actively move animal care and well-being into the future, while becoming an integral part of both the African Safari and Animal Care leadership teams.
  • Conservation Leadership: Assist our efforts to save some of the world’s most intriguing and endangered desert species through cutting-edge conservation programs and innovative projects that push the boundaries of wildlife conservation and education.
Animal Care Excellence:
  • Revolutionize animal care by elevating our quality daily care, husbandry and behavioral management.
  • Visitor Engagement: Create immersive, educational, and unforgettable “best day ever” experiences for our guests, igniting their passion for desert wildlife conservation.
Team Development:
  • Inspire and mentor a diverse team of professionals, fostering a culture of innovation, excellence and empowered leadership.
Community Outreach:
  • Collaborate with local and global organizations to drive conservation awareness and action.
  • Desert conservation through preservation, education, and appreciation – The Zoo of the Future Awaits!
Experience Required
  • What You’ll Bring: Be a change catalyst with gumption to lead us forward.
  • A deep understanding of animal husbandry, conservation, and sustainability.
  • A passion for educating and inspiring guests about desert wildlife and conservation.
  • A commitment to creating a brighter future for zoos and for our planet
  • Work from a shiny new $10 million office complex within a stunning 80-acre desert oasis campus nestled in the heart of the beautiful Coachella Valley between mountains and with easy access to ocean, lake, and city life.
  • The ability to spearhead projects that revolutionize animal care, habitat design, and conservation efforts.
  • This is a salary position starting range $64,480-66,144, with a planned increase starting 1 Jan 2024 per new California Law, and a medical/dental/vision benefit package paid for by the zoo.
  • The potential of an annual cost of living adjustment, bonus, and merit-based increase opportunities.
  • Be part of an inclusive culture and dynamic team that's shaping the future of zoos.
  • Enjoy unique opportunities to interact with incredible animals and make a real impact on wildlife conservation.
  • $66,560/yr

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