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Assistant Clinical Support Manager (Veterinary)

Dallas Zoo
Dallas, United States Posted: April 23, 2024

Performs all job duties of a veterinary technician and provides support to the Clinical Support Manager overseeing daily operations of the Veterinary Technician team. Additional duties include assisting with inventory and ordering medical/lab supplies, assisting in creating and updating protocols and procedures, organizing and inventory sample collections and submissions for research and SSP cases, supervising treatment calendar, coordinating volunteers and veterinary technician student programs. 

  • Perform all Veterinary Technician duties such as monitoring anesthesia, assisting in medical and surgical procedures, clinical pathology laboratory analysis, pharmacy, administering treatments, participating in animal training using operant conditioning, cleaning, organizing, equipment maintenance, record keeping and data input into ZIMS, training and communication to vet department and animal care teams.
  • Assist Clinical Support Manager with inventory and ordering medical supplies, ensuring staff coverage and EIT requirements each day. 
  • Coordinate animals’ semi-annual fecal submissions and vaccine schedule. 
  • Monitor and update monthly and quarterly veterinary technician checklists. 
  • Coordinate SSP tissue banking and catalog stored samples for research. 
  • Assist in creating and maintaining hospital SOPs. 
  • Ensure protocols and operating procedures are followed to maintain a high-level cleanliness in the clinic, laboratory, and necropsy rooms. 
  • Communicate with outside laboratories and shipping agencies. 
  • Ensure consistency amongst technicians on internal laboratory protocols, including running and documenting appropriate quality control measures. 
  • Coordinate collection, processing, and shipping of research samples. 
  • Ensure consistency among the technicians with pharmacy protocols. 
  • Oversee updates of monthly medication sheets and quality assurance. 
  • Maintain formalin neutralization system. 
  • Assist with coordinating operant conditioning needs/schedules with area supervisors. 
  • Monitor monthly dart practice for technicians. 
  • Order laboratory supplies each week. 
  • Review instructions and create quick guides for new equipment. 
  • Track preventative maintenance needs of equipment. 
  • Assist CSM with training new technicians. 
  • Primarily responsible for training veterinary technician volunteers and students. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned. 
  • Eligibility to become an LVT in Texas within one year of employment. 
  • Must be a graduate of an accredited veterinary technician program with a minimum of an Associates of Applied Science degree. 
  • Minimum of five years as a working veterinary technician. 
  • Minimum of three years working with exotics in a paid zoo or clinical setting. 
  • Working knowledge of physiological and medical needs of reptiles, birds, hoof stock, contact animals, felids, primates. 
  • Must be flexible, self-motivated and a team player. 
  • Must be able to follow oral and written instructions. 
  • Must be able to establish and maintain an effective rapport with all levels of management, employees, and zoo guests. 
  • Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 
  • Must have good observational skills. 
  • Must be able to walk, stand, sit, kneel, stoop, crawl, twist, reach above head, pull bend, climb stairs and ladders, and carry up to 50lbs.  
  • Must be able to work holidays and weekends. 
  • Must be able to actively work in inclement weather. 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation. 

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