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Associate Director of Brand Management

Smithsonian's National Zoo And Conservation Biology Institute
Washington, United States Posted: April 25, 2024

Develops and implements strategic plans and goals for NZCBI’s brand management, ensuring consistency and alignment with the NZCBI and SI mission. Develops plans and approaches to ensure all of NZCBI’s employees speak with one voice in support of mission achievement. Oversees the development of NZCBI’s brand identity, including logos, visual assets, and brand guidelines using a collaborative and inclusive approach with fellow NZCBI managers and leaders.

  • Establishes and maintains strong working relationships with internal stakeholders, such as department heads, program managers, directors, and members of senior leadership, to ensure brand consistency across all communications.
  • Advises higher-level officials on problems involving the relationship of the work of the division to broader programs, and the impact on these programs.
  • Collaborates with heads of other divisions to negotiate, decide on, and/or coordinate work-related changes affecting other divisions.
  • Gives advice and counsel to subordinates; hears group grievances and serious employee complaints; and reviews serious disciplinary cases (i.e., proposing suspensions and removals) and problems involving key employees.
  • Develops performance standards and evaluates work performance.
  • Identifies training needs and requirements and approves requests.
  • Reviews personnel selections recommended by subordinate leaders and as appropriate conducts the interview and selection process and approves appointment, promotion, or reassignment of subordinates.
Communications Management 
  • Manages NZCBI’s internal and external communications efforts, ensuring clear and consistent messaging.
  • Develops and implements comprehensive communication strategies to effectively reach target audiences and stakeholders.
  • Collaborates with SI’s communications team to manage media relations, public affairs, and crisis communications. 
  • Develops and executes an integrated communications strategy covering brand communications, internal communications, and overarching communications strategy through traditional and digital channels.
  • Manages NZCBI, SI, and executive media relations, including drafting press releases, for NZCBI-related initiatives.
  • Identifies and supports NZCBI’s and SI's presence at external events.
  • Writes and edits content across various channels, including, but not limited to, internal announcements, intranet articles, emails, talking points, fact sheets, presentations, press releases, video scripts, and web copy.
  • Offers guidance to internal stakeholders in the development of communications plans and associated assets or collateral.
  • Maintains consistent branding across internal and external channels.
  • Manages key vendors in line with budget and priorities. Monitors and reports results to optimize communications strategies.
  • Encourages creativity and unique approaches to communications to support NZCBI’s mission and increase audience reach. 
Marketing Management
  • Develops and implements marketing strategies to promote NZCBI’s mission, programs, services, revenue opportunities, and initiatives.
  • Oversees the development and execution of marketing campaigns, including digital marketing, social media, and traditional advertising.
  • Develops standards and metrics against which to track progress.
  • Develops standards and metrics against which to track progress. 
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of marketing efforts and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Provides routine reporting to NZCBI senior leadership on the success of efforts.
  • Collaborates with internal stakeholders to ensure marketing materials and messages align with the agency's brand and objectives.
  • Develops and executes a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with NZCBI’s and SI’s mission, vision, and growth objectives.
Outreach Management 
  • Develops and implements outreach strategies to engage with external stakeholders, including, but not limited to, campus and park neighbors; local, state and federal governments; the visiting public; conservation and science organizations; zoos and aquariums; members of industry and other vendors; other federal agencies; representatives of Congress; representatives of foreign organizations and agencies; and Embassy personnel.
  • Coordinates outreach events, conferences, and workshops to promote awareness and understanding of NZCBI’s and SI’s mission and activities.
  • Collaborates with program managers to identify and target key audiences for outreach efforts.
  • Develops standards and metrics against which to track progress. Evaluates the impact and effectiveness of outreach initiatives and make recommendations for enhancements.
  • Builds trust and investment in the organization among these participants, cultivating them into supporters and spokespeople. 
Budget and Resource Management 
  • Develops and manages the brand management budget, including forecasting and allocating resources.
  • Monitors expenditures and implements cost-effective strategies and initiatives.
  • Identifies creative ways to gain additional support from external sources, either fiscal or in-kind. 
Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Specialized experience for this position is defined as:
  • Develops and implements strategic plans for communications, brand management, and/or marketing, ensuring alignment with the mission.
  • Manages internal and external communications efforts, ensuring clear and consistent messaging.
  • Oversees the development and dissemination of press releases, newsletters, and/or other communication materials. Leads communications team to manage media relations, public affairs, and crisis communications.
  • Oversees the development of brand identity, including logos, visual assets, and brand guidelines using a collaborative and inclusive approach with fellow managers and leaders.
  • Conducts market research and analysis to identify opportunities and inform strategic decisions.
  • Collaborates with financial and procurement departments to ensure compliance with financial regulations and procedures and exhibits sound financial management of budget and resources.
  • Supervises teams providing communications, marketing, and outreach functions.
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • $163,964 - $191,900 / year

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