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Alexandria Zoological Park
Alexandria, United States Posted: June 01, 2024

Seeking a veterinarian who has experience working with exotic species in a zoo environment,  who wants to actively promote a culture of AZA standards and excellence, the conservation of wildlife and wild places, and unify a staff dedicated to animal welfare and quality care while promoting the Alexandria Zoo as a community resource and conservation center. Full time position will implement the health care protocol, maintain the preventative health program, and supervise the husbandry and nutrition of the animal collection. Supervises and trains newly formed Commissary team along with the veterinary technician. Works closely with zoo keepers on operant conditioning for medical procedures. 

  • Fulfills SSP recommended research requests and conduct any in-house research as needed.
Involved in master planning for the zoo: 
  • consults on exhibit designs, animal acquisitions, and construction projects for the zoo in regards to the overall health and well being of the Animal Collection; attends senior or administrative staff meeting at the zoo. 
  • Conducts necropsies on all deceased zoo animals to determine the cause of death. Keeps accurate medical records on ZIMS, the Species360 program.
Prepares various records and reports: 
  • prepares health certificates and other paperwork associated with shipping animals; prepares and maintains records and reports to ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies.
  • Assists Zoo Director and other administrative staff in promoting the mission of the Zoo.
  • Located in the heart of Central Louisiana, Alexandria Zoo is a 22-acre municipally run facility and the area’s #1 year-round family attraction. 
  • A small staff, dedicated to the highest standard of animal welfare, cares for more than 400 animals representing approximately 140 species.
  • A community treasure since its founding in 1922, Alexandria Zoo boasts an ardent community base of citizens, volunteers, board members, businesses and organizations devoted to supporting and improving the Zoo.
  • Website: Thealexandriazoo.com. 
  • The zoo is currently in the AZA Pathways Toward Membership program and working towards accreditation.
Minimum Qualifications for Admission to Examination:
  • Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from an accredited university.
  • Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine certified. 
  • Must possess a current Louisiana DEA license or licenses must be applied for and/or obtained within three (3) months of hire. 
  • Must possess a valid Louisiana driver’s license and maintain throughout employment for this classification.
  • Significant experience in Veterinary Medicine, preferably experience in a zoo or exotic animal system desired
  • Knowledge of AZA accreditation and standards.
Kind of Examination
  • This examination may consist of a written test, a rating of training and experience, a performance test or any combination thereof deemed necessary to adequately screen and rank applicants.
  • Examination notices will be sent out via email with a testing date, time, and location. 
  • Applicants must supply complete and accurate information concerning their previous training and experience including a detailed description of their work experience, the names and addresses of all previous employers and the dates of employment. 
  • The information is subject to verification.
Annual Salary Range: 
  • $64,488.22 - $96,754.01.
Benefits Offered:
  • Employer retirement contribution; sick and vacation leave; health, dental, vision, and supplemental insurances offered. 
Work hours:
  • 40 hours per week, Must have flexibility to work weekends, holidays, and evenings as needed
  • Must include copies of driver’s license, diploma, GED, DD214, degree, etc. with application.
Accepting applications: 
  • until filled
  • $61,859.20 - $92,809.

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