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Veterinary Technician (variable hour)

Oregon Zoo / Metro
Portland, United States Posted: June 29, 2024

The Oregon Zoo has an opening for a variable-hour, Veterinary Technician who will function as a vital member of the veterinary care team in our state-of-the-art Veterinary Medical Center. Our ideal candidate has the skills necessary to successfully assist the veterinarians with a variety of technical duties, including anesthesia monitoring, diagnostics and imaging, clinical procedures, emergency services and triage on a wide range of zoo animal species.

What you will do:
  • Assist veterinarians in clinical procedures on a variety of zoo animal species:
  • Prepare treatment area or surgery room with appropriate instruments, monitoring equipment, and emergency supplies as indicated by the veterinarian.
  • Assist in safe and appropriate manual and chemical animal restraint techniques. 
  • Perform as surgical nurse or anesthetist as directed by the veterinarian.
  • Administer treatments, collect samples in a variety of zoo animals, and keep records. 
  • Use advanced imaging equipment to produce diagnostic quality studies in all size of patients.
  • Clean instruments and work areas following medical procedures and sterilize surgical instruments and darts.
  • Perform resuscitation and emergency procedures in non-domestic mammals, avian and herptile species.
Perform in-house lab analysis including but not limited to:
  • Automated hematology and chemistry analysis in most mammal species. 
  • Identification of fecal parasites of avian, herptiles, and zoo mammal species. 
  • Urinalysis and urine sediment evaluation of non-domestic species.
  • Dispense prescribed medications following appropriate labeling and controlled drug regulations with ability to provide keeper education on proper administration and observations.
  • Perform triage and treatment administration in non-domestic animals.
  • Contribute to the daily care and treatment of hospitalized, neonatal, and critical patients. Participate in operant conditioning training for medical behaviors and procedures as required by medical needs and as directed by the veterinarians.
  • Understand and be prepared for Emergency Code Responses
Traits for success:
  • Proven ability to monitor anesthesia in a large variety of zoo animals
  • Demonstrated knowledge of modern laboratory principles, techniques and equipment with the ability to apply them in clinical analysis.
  • Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions while working with zoo animals including knowledge of risk while working with ultra-potent opioids.
  • Knowledge of animal nursing concepts pertaining to zoo animals.
  • Demonstrated skill in the proper use of laboratory and veterinary medicine equipment such as gas anesthesia machines and monitoring equipment, IV fluid pumps, radiology equipment, ultrasound and endoscopy equipment, and microscopes and centrifuges.
  • Proven ability to maintain a high level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality. 
  • Ability to clearly communicate technical medical information to non-technical staff.
  • At Metro, we strive to cultivate diversity, advance equity, and practice inclusion in all of its work.
  • This means attracting and empowering a workforce that is inclusive of a broad range of human qualities.
  • Workplace diversity is both a moral imperative and a business strength, essential to providing quality support and services to our region.
  • Metro’s goal is to hire, develop and retain highly skilled and talented individuals across all departments and programs who best reflect the diversity of our community.    
Experience Required
  • Minimum Qualifications: Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a veterinary science-related field AND The equivalent of three years of full-time professional animal care veterinary technician experience that is current and includes significant experience monitoring anesthesia; OR Any combination of education and experience that provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the classification duties and responsibilities.
  • Additional medical testing and/or immunizations (not already stated in this announcement) may be required as the duties of this position may require close contact with animal areas and enclosures where animals may be present.
  • Required Current Oregon CVT license in good standing, or the ability to transfer a current license to Oregon within six months of hire.
  • Valid driver's license
  • $31.45 Hourly

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