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Web Content Manager

Smithsonian's National Zoo And Conservation Biology Institute
Washington, United States Posted: July 06, 2024

Please note: This job will close once 50 applications are received which may be sooner than the closing date listed above.

  • Researches, writes and edits animal, exhibit, visitor experience, advancement-related, science, membership, special events and conservation focused web content that educates, engages and inspires diverse NZCBI audiences.
  • Implements and leads digital team on creative projects and programs that create educational, interactive experiences in multiple contexts and platforms (web, mobile, social), and new developing technology.
  • Oversees user experience, facilitates website, graphics,video and photo content.
  • Utilizes a combination of data sources and research techniques to measure, evaluate and report on effectiveness of online audience engagement to inform user-experiences for all areas of web and new media outreach.
  • Prepares materials, reports and presentations related to engagement policies and best practices, and advises and coordinates with other departments participating in online outreach (web, social, mobile).
  • Oversees maintenance of the NZCBI’s current website to Drupal 9 content management system.
  • Assigns and edits existing as well as researches and writes educational/scientific/informative written and visual content for multiple platforms (web, mobile, social).
  • Assigns and edits and reviews content for accuracy and proper grammar.
  • Consistent review, tracking and reporting on website traffic using Web Trends and Google analytics.
  • Identifies and leads creation NZCBI and SI standards for existing site structure, page layout, graphic design, search engine optimization and style guidelines.
  • Ensures that pages comply with standards for accessibility, copyright, and other SI policies.
  • Obtains images and video material, and secures rights where necessary.
  • Oversees aspects of online project management including scheduling of meetings, keeping notes, and gathering/organizing content.  
  • Manages project assets, such as physical or digital files and graphics, and maintains asset databases.  
  • Manages multimedia specialists to obtains, scans, and optimizes images and secures rights where necessary. Produces photo and video material as needed for social media and website. Ensures official material is archived appropriately. 
  • Coordinates with department of information technology staff and outside contractors as needed to transmit assets and other deliverables according to project schedule, and with communications staff involved in content production.  
  • Creates guidelines for the NZCBI staff if guidelines do not already exist on specific online policies and procedures.
  • Creates and manages online programs and activities that provide digital presence, programs and information services directly to the general public/population in support of the Smithsonian’s ‘digital first’ strategic goal.
  • Directs personnel, budget, and programs which support and directly affect the operations of a the Office of Communications.
  • Creates material for the use of NZCBI social media, including soliciting, drafting, editing and posting content.
  • In collaboration with communications team, creates and facilitates large-scale social media campaigns.
  • Supervises a small team of three employees.
  • Plans, organizes,
  • directs, and supervises these personnel and their activities.
  • Plans and carries out the full range of supervisory and managerial authorities related to the assignment and scheduling of work, leave approval/disapproval.
  • Coordination with other programs, technical work direction, establishment of priorities and deadlines, creation of performance standards, evaluation of subordinates’ performance, counseling regarding performance and behavior, recommending selections for vacant positions, resolving complaints, proposing disciplinary actions and effecting minor disciplinary actions such as warnings, determining or approving training needs, approving expenditures of funds, recommending awards and bonuses, determining means to improve productivity, and other delegated authorities.
  • Ensures compliance with safety and occupational health procedures.
  • Ensures that EEO regulations are observed and promotes affirmative action activities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Experience Required
  • Expert knowledge of digital content development best practices and analysis for web and social media to include SEO, video production for the web and advanced web analytics.
  • Expert knowledge of current web technology and tools, as well as understanding of the mobile experience and the online user experience.
  • Knowledge and expertise in facilitating and maintaining websites using standard editing and imaging tools, CSS, HTML, and content management systems.
  • Experience with Drupal preferred.
  • Web and digital engagement techniques; and industry standards and best practices.
  • When regulations and guides do not cover specific situations, the incumbent is often required to interpret and reconcile directives.
  • Knowledge of a broad range of interactive technologies and their potential use for educational programming in order to create and disseminate science and/or educational content.
  • Skill in the use of a variety of computer software in order to effectively operate software programs in a highly technical environment.
  • Skill in multimedia production, including photography and video production.
  • Skills in organization, management, team collaboration, attention to detail, and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Skill in oral and written communication in order to exchange information; collaborate with individuals at all levels; and prepare and present a variety of written documents.
  • Digital and video outreach is a critical gateway to the vast amount of knowledge stored at the Institution, and an equally important means of accomplishing the mission of NZCBI.
  • The work directly supports the objectives of the site, as well as the administrative processes of the program.
  • Planning, researching, developing, implementing, and evaluating web and new media projects, including the creation of a new video and photography department.
  • The soundness of the incumbent’s judgement and expertise is critical to the successful accomplishment of the NZCBI mission in communicating the unique nature of the science behind saving species, which in many cases involves the use of newly developed technology or outreach platform.
  • Coordination with Smithsonian units, user groups and other organizations is required.
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • $117,962 - $153,354 / year

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