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Zoo Education Specialist

City Of El Paso
El Paso, United States Posted: March 31, 2024

Research, plan, develop and conduct comprehensive zoo education programs; maintain liaison and coordinate education activities with area schools and school districts; conduct tours and lectures; give presentations at the zoo, schools and civic groups using education animals and other exhibits; develop printed educational materials used for presentations; provide training for staff development; recruit, train and coordinate volunteers participating in education programs.

  • Recommend the acquisition of books, periodicals, audio-visual and other materials for zoo library; oversee the addition, removal, replacement or preservation of zoo library materials.
  • Support zoo graphics activity with research and text development for signs, exhibit graphics, brochures and other public information devices; provide translation of graphics, reports and other education devices or literature.
  • Maintain and cultivate outside resources available to support zoo education programs, including local colleges, universities, professional groups and associations, governmental agencies and others; assist in presentations that enhance public information and community relations; respond to general information inquires and correspondence.
  • Supervise assigned staff and volunteers. 
  • Schedule, assign, instruct, guide and check work.  Appraise employee performance. 
  • Provide for training and development. 
  • Enforce personnel rules and regulations and work behavior standards firmly and impartially. 
  • Counsel, motivate and maintain harmony. 
  • Interview applicants.
  • Recommend hiring, discipline, merit pay or other employee status changes.
  • Assist other zoo sections to accomplish core mission goals, meet emergency needs or as assigned.
Experience Required
  • A Bachelor's degree in education, marketing, public relations, zoology, biology or related field, and one (1) year of teaching, training, or public information experience.
Further Comments
  • If you are interest in this position, please apply on the City of El Paso website.
  • $43,070.00 - $65,830.00 Annually

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